Virtual Artist Yas-K from FRC9 unveiled

Virtual Artist Yas-K from FRC9 unveiled

Yas-K is a Virtual Samurai & Rapper from META-Verse planet FRC9.

This Metaverse project’s story takes place in a fictional asteroid/dwarf planet called FRC9 (derived from Free Of C, because there are no Covid, Cancer, CO2, Climate Crisis or a Consequences…an idealized planet where one can live without a care). Yas-K is the first Artist & Samurai who doesn’t age.

1st single “$AMURAi” will be released on Sep 30th, 2022 in universe!
Written by Charles Stephens III, RIO
Produced by RIO


Charles Stephens III(a.k.a. Chizzy) is a writer/producer who wrote some Chris Brown’s platinum album Heartbreak& Indigo, and “Guilty” by Sevyn x Chris Brown x A$AP Ferg. DJ Snake (Geffen) & NCT 127 (SM Entertainment),Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez.

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